Monday, February 25, 2013

Your Book Donations Make a HUGE Difference

When you donate books to The Bookshop Under the Windmill, we sell them at very low prices to our customers, providing funds we donate back to the Boerne Public Library. But, sometimes, those books get donated AGAIN to make an even bigger impact:

One of our local shoppers buys used children's books from us on a routine basis. She donates them again, making "Birthday Bags" for local children and their families who receive assistance from Hill Country Daily Bread, the local food bank. Her Birthday Bags contain a birthday cake mix, icing, small gifts AND a book from the Bookshop Under the Windmill. For a family struggling to put food on their table, these birthday gifts are truly a blessing during a trying time in their lives.

What a wonderful idea and an inspiration for us all. PLEASE check your bookshelves at home and work and bring us those items you would like to donate! You never know where they will make a difference.


  1. This is wonderful...thanks for the posting

    1. How great is this?....!