Thursday, February 28, 2013

Local Author Offering Free Kindle Books

Boerne's own author Elena Tucker is offering a free Kindle copy of one of her books!
All you need to do is come by The Bookshop Under the Windmill and register your email address. She will then send you details about how to download your free copy of either Vesssel of Fire or West About: A Novel of Magellan's World Voyage. If you prefer to to purchase one immediately, take a look at or 
If you can't make it to the bookshop - no problem! - email me at and I'll add your name to the list.

Vessel of Fire/Vessel of Strength/Vessel of Hope
This trilogy of books are historically-based novels that explore what life was like in 2nd Century Israel. Far from empty remnants, Tucker's "vessels" brim with imagination, soul and period experiences. Breaking away from traditional Christian fiction, Vessel of Fire, Vessel of Strength and Vessel of Hope follow humanity's ongoing spiritual quest - as examined by characters from Ancient Israel and by the archaeologist who sifts through their ruins.

West About: A Novel of Magellan's World Voyage
In 1519, believing the world to be far smaller than it actually is, Ferdinand Magellan set forth with a sizable fleet from the Spanish port of Seville. Three years later, a single vessel crewed by less than 20 starving men limped back into Seville. Told from the perspective of the explorer's actual slave, West About is a chronicling of one man's foolhardiness and daring; it is a tale of triumph and disaster and an exploration of personal destiny.

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