Friday, February 8, 2013

February 21: Vintage Camera Night with Special Guest

Orville Anderson and his F2 Banner
Grab your vintage camera and join enthusiasts at 6:00pm on Thursday, February 21, at The Bookshop Under the Windmill (formerly called The FriendShop) as we talk about our love of antique imagery! Valerie Townsend, the eldest daughter of Photographer, Inventor and WWII Veteran Orville Anderson, will be there to talk about her father's illustrious photography career. This wonderful event is free of charge. For more information, please contact via email FOBPL President Cheryl Perz at

Orville Anderson, born in Decatur, Illinois, bought his first camera, an F2 Banner, at age 16 with the income he earned from his paper route and doing yard work. When he bought it in 1938, he became the fourth owner of this twist film camera. He began taking bridal portraits and soon opened his first studio in 1940. Orville enlisted during WWII and used his photography expertise for the military, taking photos of officers while he was serving in France. He met his lovely wife, Pamela, on a park bench in London.

He retired from taking photos about ten years ago. During his 22 years of service at Wilford Hall at Brook Army Medical Center, he was a photomicrographer and took pictures for the Atlas of Zoo Animal Pathology, and he invented the Anderson Dioframatic Enlarging Meter.

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