Thursday, May 16, 2013

Downtown Boerne gets a Little Free Library

Boerne's Little Free Library at Main & Theissen
The Friends of the Boerne Public Library unveiled their latest creation on May 15: The Little Free Library! It is downtown on the corner of Main and Theissen in a beautiful setting. Patty Roetman, the owner of A Little Nature Store, was kind enough to let us place the library on her property (across from the Bear Moon Bakery). Patty has already reported that she's seen several people taking books...and it's only our first day!

Here's how it works: The Friends stock the Little Free Library (LFL), you go and choose a book to take, then you keep it or bring it back for someone else to borrow...and you can certainly bring more from home to contribute! It's that simple.

The LFL belongs is for everyone in our community. Adults and children alike will find books they can enjoy! The LFL is a movement started by Todd Bol and Rick Brooks in Wisconsin in 2010. The program grew quickly in a short amount of time and has spread to most of the states and many other countries. Ours is LFL #6233. For more info about the LFL program, go to

Darrel Johnston
An extra-special "thank you" must go to Darrel Johnston, a Friend of the Boerne Public Library, and husband of the Friends library liaison, Sandy Johnston! He designed, built and donated our beautiful  Little Free Library and gave of his time and talent to make this project happen. The Friends are very grateful!

Here's a few more pictures (click "

Kevin Henning stocking the LFL

The LFL is located on the property of A Little Nature Store, 106 E. Theissen.

Patty Roetman, owner of A Little Nature Store and Pat Beeman, Friends volunteer

What a pretty place to sit and read a book, visit the Little Nature Store for a new bird feeder or drink you coffee  from the Bear Moon bakery across the street.

It's official! We're number #6233.  Soon we'll be on the map!

Sandy Henning, Cheryl Perz and Pat Beeman next to the FULL Little Free Library!


  1. What a wonderful thing! I can't wait to visit it! Thanks to all of you for making this happen.

  2. Love the Little Free Library! I've given two and taken one. The setting at the Little Nature Store is beautiful.