Thursday, April 4, 2013

FOBPL attend Becky Crouch Patterson Luncheon

In the idyllic setting of the Fair Oaks Ranch Country Club, the Friends of the Boerne Public Library recently attended a luncheon hosted by the Boerne Reading Club featuring author Becky Crouch Patterson, daughter of local legend Hondo Crouch. Listening to Becky's stories of her family and life living on their ranch was fascinating, and we hope to host a book signing for her soon at the Bookshop Under the Windmill. Stay tuned!

Becky Crouch Patterson reading from her book The Ranch That Was Us.
Sheree Stevens and Cheryl Perz

Kelly Skovbjerg receiving  a Letter of Appreciation for the Boerne Book Club

Cheryl Perz, Diana Naylor Knox and Sheree Stevens

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