Sunday, September 30, 2012


It's the first of the month and I'm back with all the latest news about the FriendShop.  I must say, sometimes I feel like this cat - too much to talk about and too little space. So, here's the highlights for the month of September.

Senior Day Out is the first Tuesday of each month from 10-12 PM.  This month residents from Care Choice Nursing Home joined us to browse our extensive selection of gently used books.  They enjoyed coffee, cookies, and the vintage atmosphere of our shop.

Lucille Pfeiffer scoping out her next great Western novel.

Martha Woelke enjoys literature.

Robert Bottoms inspecting the mystery/suspense section.

Dixie Pfeiffer and Charlene Tigrett Lee - Activity Directors

On the  first Wednesday of every month the Little Readers from the library spend the morning at the FriendShop. The theme this month was Old MacDonald Had A Farm, so the Friends invited Cowgirl Cheri from The Farmyard Petting Zoo over for a visit and we had quite a time!

While the  Little Readers were enjoying Miss Constance and Miss Alice reading Old MacDonald Had a Farm, Cowgirl Cheri was arriving with the animals for the big surprise.

After singing, reading and petting the stuffed animals, it was time to meet the real animals!

Judith Umberger and Mary Roberts getting ready to visit the farmyard.

Eny Gatewood and Anne Liebner helped coral the little ones out to the farmyard.


Wilma, the pot-bellied pig was the hit of the party.

The petting zoo included a cow, sheep, pig, goat, pony, ducks, and a rabbit.  The children enjoyed feeding the animals apples and carrots.  It was perfect day for lots of  smart phone moments!

Wilma was exhausted from her day of eating apples and carrots!  What a piggie!


Well....the water tank is getting ready to go up!  The addition to the windmill area is going to be gorgeous! 

This Eagle Scout project  includes landscaping, a butterfly garden and a walking path.

We are continuing to raise money for our deck and the Money Tree inside the FriendShop is growing fast!  We are grateful to everyone who clips on a dollar or two - or more. ;)

This month we also started fixing the gazebo next to the FriendShop.  It was in need of new floor boards, benches and paint. Big THANK YOU to Woody Woodard and Pat Beeman for putting in the new deck floor.

Wood Woodard cutting boards for the floor.

Pat Beeman installing the floor.

The next step is to replace the benches inside the gazebo and repaint.  We hope this project will be done in the next couple of weeks - in time to have a lovely Fall Wednesday picnic!

Of course, our garden continues to grow and several of the bushes are now blooming with the recent rain.


Volunteering for Health and Happiness

Being a volunteer is one of the most fulfilling ways you can connect with others. And research shows that people who give back to their community are healthier and happier because of it. In fact, volunteering has been shown to help some people: 
  • Live longer lives
  • Feel less stressed
  • Feel more joyful 
The joy that you may feel while volunteering or working as part of a team is called “helper’s high.” When you feel this high, you feel needed. You feel like you belong. The experience increases your self-esteem and leaves you more fulfilled. You feel a part of something bigger than yourself.
If better health and happiness aren’t reasons enough to consider volunteering, here are a few more. Volunteering may give you the chance to: 
  • Build friendships
  • Use your skills and life experience
  • Learn new things
  • Give back to the community and make a difference
  • Find purpose
  • Have fun
If you've been thinking about volunteering at the FriendShop or would like more information about the kinds of opportunities we have available, please contact Ann Liebner at


Sandy Johnston is the liaison between the Patrick Heath Public Library and the Friends of the Boerne Public Library.  We appreciate her “can do” attitude, her support and guidance, and most importantly her efforts to keep the lines of communication between the two groups positive and productive. She is not only our liaison, but a true friend.


On Tuesday, September 18th the Friends' Board had a light dinner at the FriendShop to thank all the volunteers who have helped to make the FriendShop and our Books Sales so successful.

Anne Liebner, Judith Umberger, Shirley Hord and Bob Hill enjoying margaritas and the lovely evening.

Ann Hollis, Pat Wilson, Barbara Bara and Mark Olender enjoying some snacks.

Hello Mr. Mayor!   The Mayor stopped in to say hello and express his gratitude to the volunteers for all the FriendShop has done for Boerne and the library.




Our first official book signing was on Thursday, September 27th, celebrating the Texas Hill Country's German heritage, history, and stories.   We were honored to feature books  by local authors Richard Jacome and Anne & Mike Stewart.

Richard Jacome discussed his novel, The River of Bones,
about a real Civil War battle that took place in the Hill Country. Jacome, also a singer/guitarist, entertained us with 3 original songs. 

Anne Steward,a major historian and folk artist, featured her book, Hanging from a White Oak Tree, about the German Unionist story of free thinkers on the western frontier of Texas seceding in March 1961.

Thanks to Bending Branch Winery for hosting a wine tasting during the event.  What a memorable evening!


Fall Book Sale - Saturday, October 13 from 9:00-1:00 at the FriendShop and Main lobby of the library.

The FOBPL monthly meeting on Friday, October 5 from 2:00 pm -3:00 pm at the FriendShop.

Book Signing - Thursday, October 25 from 5:00 pm to 7:00 at the FriendShop.  Earle Martin has written a remarkable story in The Boy Who Saved My Life .  Watch your email for further details.

I'd love if you'd leave a comment about our little blog.  

Happy Fall everyone!


  1. Great Newsletter. Love all the photos. Sorry to be missing all your great events amd miss not being able to volunteer for such aa active group. Ellie Dillon

  2. A wonderful newsletter and the best place I've ever volunteered!

  3. Great job, wow did we do that much??