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July 2012

This is going to be a long one, so grab your ice tea and find your favorite chair and enjoy the latest news of the FOBPL!

Thank you to all who have come to LIKE the Friends of the Boerne Public Library facebook page!  Last time I checked we were at 102 and growing! If we try hard -- and tell all our friends to tell their friends to LIKE us-- soon we'll get to 1,000 LIKES. 

So what have the Friends been doing in June?


On Saturday, June 2nd the Boerne Public Library celebrated its' 60th year and the Friends were there to help celebrate.

 Ann Liebner and Judith Umberger checking in patrons.

How's this for a birthday cake?
Kelly Skovbjerg, Ann Liebner, Ariel Brooks-Stevens and Judith Umberger having a great time at the party.

Natalie Morgan gladly taking donations for the Birthday Wish List.

Constance Kermes and Nancy Paul greeting guests at the Library.


On Wednesday June 6th, Miss Constance and  Miss Joyce came to visit the FriendShop with their little readers.   Look at Miss Constance dressed as a lady bug!

 Everyone sat and listened intently to Miss Constance read her bug story.

After story time everyone stayed to do some shopping and enjoy the FriendShop.

This is Miss Paige. She found the perfect  place to read her book.

FOPBL Secretary, Judith Umberger helping a little reader.

This little one had a  great view of all the activities while Dad enjoyed a cookie and coffee.

This Mom and her children found a cozy place to do a little reading.

Kylie chose to stay out of the crowd and enjoyed her BIG pencil and school desk.


A big Thank You to all the FOBPL volunteers for your efforts in making our recent Book Sale such a HUGE success! Proceeds from the event were close to $1,300 and will allow the Friends to continue to sponsor programs and purchase materials for our library.  

On Friday, June 8, many Friends helped set up the FriendShop and the communtity rooms at the library.    

Thanks Ann Linnartz for helping set  up the Mystery/Suspense!

The library let us use their rolling cart for our VHS which made it easier for patrons to search for their favorite movie. 

Records, DVDs, and CDs were in the community rooms along with a special on 2/$1 Romance, Mystery/Suspense and selected Health/Fitness.

What a difference a day makes! 

Saturday arrived with beautiful weather and 170 visitors.

Sandy Henning and Bernell Norton supervised the checkout desk.

Crepe Nation was on hand to feed hungry shoppers.

 The indefatigable Shirley Hord worked as our greeter at the FriendShop.

Kevin Henning and Joan Nitschke worked in the checkout area. 

Some visitors took time out from shopping to watch Brian Burckhardt from Hill Country Pottery.

Others sat down and took a mini reading break.

 While others spent time in the children's area that was set up between the FriendShop and the conference room with hula hoops, jump ropes and bubbles for a busy play area.

Thanks to Diana Tigner, Brittany Bird, and Ann Melton for helping in the play area!

Bob Hill and Dan Basarich were the cashiers in the conference room.

Super counter and greeter Sandy Johnston and Cheryl Perz 

Tuesday, June 12 was boot scootin night at the library with Maxine Mays and the Limestone Cowboys.  The concert  was sponsored by the FOBPL.


Of course, none of this would be possible without our award winning volunteers! OK, I made the award winning part up, but we do have SUPER volunteers!
Sandy and Kevin Henning working with Juanita Jonas in the workshop.
Here are some of the new volunteers that have been supporting the operations of the FriendShop in the month of June.

Ann Payne
Araccli Maldonado
Sandy and Kevin Henning
Alan and Bernell Norton
Ann Hollis
Shirley Hord
Anna Ericsson
Joe and Ann Linnartz
Jeanne Bitler
Jennifer Hackett
Sheree Stevens
Lin Floyd
Faye Jarrell
Patrick Beeman
Wright Gordon
Carol Iverson
We are so thrilled to have all of you and of course we appreciate the support of our regular group of volunteers who have been helping for years.
Want to join in the fun? We are always looking for new friendly volunteers. Volunteers work for 2 hours or 4 hours shifts in the FriendShop (Fridays and Saturdays 10-2) or a hour helping to sort and price books in the workshop. Extra hands are always needed for the mini sales which will be in August, October and December. Please email Ann if you'd like to help support your library!

Many items in the FriendShop that were loaned to us need to
go back to their rightful owner. If you have the following
and would be willing to donate them to the Friends we’d be
very grateful:
  • Desk for check out or counter like piece of furniture
  • Rolling desk chair
  • Dresser or small piece of furniture to serve as coffee server
  • Small rugs - ( 5’ x 7’)
  • Large rugs – We’re looking for 2
  • Rug Runner – 1
  • Occasional chairs
Please contact Cheryl Perz at if you have donations.


Our 1 + 2 = 4 Sale!
To start the month off right we're having a huge sale!  Come on in and buy 3 mystery and suspense books for regular price and receive a 4th of equal or lesser value FREE!

What better way to pass the hot summer afternoons than reading a page turning, "Who dunnit?"

The next FRIENDS meeting is Friday, July 6 at 2:00.  Meetings are held at the FriendShop.


Why aren’t you going to have your big March 2013 sale at the Fairgrounds?

There are a few reasons we came to this decision, which we didn’t take lightly because we know how much everyone looked forward to our big event.  When the FOBPL moved into their new building in December 2011, the cost of utilities and insurance became our organization’s responsibility.  Prior to that, the city covered those costs at the Annex.  Our best estimate of operating cost, for 2012 is in the neighborhood of $9000/yr.  The rental fee at the Kendall County Fair Grounds continues to increase – and we anticipate that charge for next year will be at $2250.  The City provided us 11 workers, City  trucks and gas to set up for the sale, but that assistance cannot be guaranteed in the future as the City grapples with is own budget shortfalls.  The average age of our volunteers is increasing and it has become difficult for them to lift boxes and work long hours.

Finally, when we evaluated our work last year, we came to the realization that of the 1700 boxes that were hauled to the Fairgrounds for sale, only 600 boxes of those actually brought in the actual dollars.  We were paid $400 at the end of the sale for the remaining 1100 boxes of books.  That gave us a bit of food for thought.  It seemed like there was a lot of backbreaking work (literally) that was going into the sale that wasn’t actually producing profits for our organization.  We thought it was time to try something different. Bottom line, we had to find a new direction that was more financially sound and easier work for our enthusiastic corp of volunteers.  The retail shop saves us the $2250 rental fee, is easier on our volunteers and allows us to make continuous use of a beautiful new building which we are paying to maintain and use anyway.

We thought there was a simpler way – and we are working on putting events and programs into place during our bookstore hours and during our mini book sales to make the mini-events more special than ever before.  We hope that everyone who knows us and loved our large book sale will follow us over to our new space, and we know that we are attracting new book lovers and buyers as well!  Overall, we believe that our new system is bringing positive change to Friend’s operations and we would love for anyone interested in helping us with this new direction to join the Friends and get involved!

Please contact us with any suggetions for future newsletters and watch facebook for all the latest news in the FriendShop!

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